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Fropper & Topper Prongs - Adhesive 'T' Prong for Front of Cake Toppers & Charms

Fropper & Topper Prongs - Adhesive 'T' Prong for Front of Cake Toppers & Charms

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Our original adhesive prong designed to hold your Froppers and large charms in place on your cake, giving it an invisible and flawless finish - without ruining your cake!

Now available for additional purchase. These come with all Froppers purchased but you can now add them to your collection to ensure you are never without them or if you need extras!

  • Made from 3mm clear acrylic 
  • Curved point end to allow for smooth entry and exit on cake
  • Durable, food- safe, easy to clean and use
  • Strong, low -tox and environmentally friendly tape
  • fropper style come with a short leg and tape on the top to slide charms and froppers into your cake 
  • our brand new topper style comes with a long leg (approx 9cm) and tape on the side so you can turn your charms or froppers (if you change your mind) into a topper ! 

How to use:

  • Remove red plastic film from prong
  • Apply pressure to your acrylic with the prong- best to do this as soon as you start decorating to ensure it is firmly on
  • Slide your prong into your bake - easy done!
  • After use, apply pressure and pull down to remove the adhesive from the acrylic so you can reuse and recycle your fropper/charm

Original design by Mini & Co.

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