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Finding the perfect Cake Topper for your occasion

Birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, weddings, baby and bridal showers, hens parties and graduations are just a few occasions celebrated with a cake.

They are all a day marking or commemorating the origin, founding, or beginning of something or someone and whether that be a 1st Birthday, Wedding or Farewell it is celebrated amongst others and a cake is always top of the priority list.

Do I need a Cake Topper?

Absolutely Yes- Whether you are getting a professional baker or you are an at home DIY master (or not). No matter the occasion a topper - tops off the look. It gives the cake a personalised touch, a special keepsake and sets your bake apart from the rest.

What materials are Cake Toppers made of?

Our favourites and our speciality are Acrylic and Wood not only do they look the best they are a more eco choice if you are looking to keep, recycle and reuse the topper.

Acrylic- Acrylic is a great material for a topper, as its food safe and it can be easily cleaned making it reusable. It also comes in a huge list of colours including mirror, glitter, iridescent, tinted and even printed which makes them so much fun to get creative with

Timber- Timber is a rustic, earthy and simple look, it works well layered with acrylic and it comes in a variety of colours too.

Other Options- Other options not offered by Mini And Co. include: Food safe edible Toppers and Cardboard.

What are the different styles and techniques used in toppers?

Single Layer- A simple topper, cut from a single piece of acrylic - single layer toppers must have joining text or a single image (as seen below our princess castle).


Dual Layer- Offsetting the original design/text with a thicker backing and layering the the text and design on top. This is the most popular style topper. Here at Mini & Co. We are known to do triple layer toppers and even inlay which means to cut the border from the original font and inlay it on top of a backing piece creating a dual layer with 3 colours (as seen on our 'Fifty' Fropper).

cake topper with three colours yellow white and glitter gold


Mirror Topper- Usually used for engraving. With the use of a C02 laser we are able to etch into the acrylic with a variety of text and/or images. Or it is great to cut simple cupcake charms (as seen). Mirror is always a crowd favourite on wedding cakes giving it a very elegant and luxury feel.

Cake Charm


Personalised Topper- Mini And Co. are the professionals when it comes to Personalised Toppers, your imagination is the limit with our extensive range of colour options and techniques we are able to create the perfect personalised topper set.

Personalised Cake Topper


Not sure where to start? Come chat to the experts here at Mini and Co!

Shalana, is an expert in colour selections to suit and can design a mini masterpiece to place on your cake. Shalana is happy to make suggestions or create something to match your inspiration.
Aaron will put your cake topper together in your chosen material and ensure it is ready to WOW your guests. 

Email us at and together we will great the PERFECT cake topper for your next occasion!

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